At DC Solutions we are dedicated to providing tools and equipment to make the life of every Distribution Center employee easier. After years of working in the Distribution Center industry and facing the challenges presented by ineffective and time consuming equipment, we took it upon ourselves to develop the solutions.

Our comfortable and durable hands free picking apron was our first solution to offer hands free picking. With our high standard of materials used and the one year guarantee, we quickly made our impression in the industry. Because of our guarantee, our customers are able to fix their apron costs for a full year. If the arm through apron, hands free, hook & cord, or picking bag rips or is damaged in any way, our customers send it back and we replace it. It’s just that simple. And it’s just that good.

DC Solutions currently services 200+ distribution centers. Companies like AmerisourceBergen, HD Smith, Cardinal Health, Eby-Brown, Home Depot, Napa Auto Parts, Owens & Minor, Staples, Peytons Distribution and United Stationers, just to name a few.

Let us offer you the solutions to safety, security and savings.